"I’ve know David Eason for several years.He is not  only a good friend he is someone who  cares about about getting the job done with honor and integrity. David would be a trusted Constable who would support not only the local businesses but also the citizens of Montgomerycounty Pct. 2."

Shannon Taylor 
DC Auto

"David Eason is an “outside the box” thinker and he will make great strides in growing the Pct. 2 Constables Office. He has the vision and energy to make some positive changes. As a Pct. 2 voter - he has my full support."

Celestina Rossi
Crime Scene Investigator
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

“The citizens of Montgomery County Precinct 2 are in need of someone who will protect them like family! Everyone will be able to sleep well at night once David Eason becomes the duly elected Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constable! Vote David Eason for Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constable.”
Marlon G. Carter
Allstate Financial Advisor
“I have known David for over 20 years.  He is truly what is needed in Montgomery County..  As a former resident of Montgomery County, and a law enforcement officer in the county just to the south, he understands the crime wave that is pushing north into Montgomery County.  He is among the most approachable people I know and will serve you with all he has.”
David Agnstadt
Harris County Sheriff’s Office