My name is David Eason. I am excited to announce I am running for the office of Montgomery County Pct. 2 Constable. I have been a resident of Montgomery County since 1980 when my family moved into Precinct 2. I have been in Law Enforcement for over twenty years and have worked for both the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office where I served in the jail, patrol, and criminal investigations. My family has a generational background in law enforcement and has proudly served this and other communities for nearly 100 years combined.

I hold the traditions and values of the families of this great county in the highest regard and have made it my mission to provide a level of service that exceeds the expectations of all that reside in Montgomery County. Through honor, strength, unity, and core family values I am confident we can unite and build bridges between all law enforcement services in this county and bring safety and security to the forefront.

As Constable, my primary objective would be to not only to serve civil process in a professional and reliable manner but create growth within our law enforcement family to facilitate a higher level of public service. My mission is to serve the public, create lasting relationships, and plan for a future of an ever-expanding population.

In 2020, I will help lead Montgomery County Precinct 2 into a new era of civil process and policing by creating a better working relationship with not only the communities but with all other law enforcement agencies within the county. Effective communication coupled with mutual aid is key to properly serving the citizens of Montgomery County. It is a team goal and my pleasure to proudly serve the people who call Montgomery County home, and we thank you for your support.


David E. Eason

The Mission

Our mission is to provide a better level of service to the community through civil process. We will bridge the gaps between law enforcement agencies in Montgomery County to offer mutual aid and support. This will increase the number of law enforcement officers available to the community when needed. 


Through training and experience Pct. 2 can build a better working and personal relationship with the people in the community we serve.  Our mission is to form closer relationships with the community to facilitate the flow of information and the needs of our communities.  This flow of information serves a vital function to communicate criminal activities, wanted or dangerous persons, high crime areas or “hot spots”, and traffic safety concerns.


Montgomery County is the fastest growing county in the nation. As the population of Montgomery County grows, public services must project future needs of the community. All agencies in Montgomery County must work together to serve the public and provide excellent service. While providing the best level of Civil service possible, our mission is to expand the office Pct. 2 Constable by adding much-needed personnel and assets. As the agency grows, Pct. 2 patrols will not only focus on the excellent Civil process but also be call-responsive to our areas of responsibility to provide service for criminal investigations. This will support and serve local businesses, reduce response times, add an overlap of active police in the county, and provide mutual aid to the other agencies.

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